Printing and distributing discount coupons can be expensive process, especially for retailers and small to medium business owners.
Less than 2% of printed coupons are actually saved by people for later use, 98% goes to the garbage.

Promote your business in your neighbourhood
as inexpensively as possible!

Printing cost=$0
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Eco Friendly

Anyone who has access to the internet can easily navigate this website; and print their desired coupons within seconds, simply with a few clicks of the mouse.

What makes us different than other coupon sites? Simplicity!

  1. No distracting articles/pictures
  2. No user registration/sign up/log in
  3. No pop-ups/clutter
  4. Measurable return on investment
  5. Affordable flat rate

How does increase your business volume?

  1. Simple format
  2. Usable by all ages
  3. Printable coupons
  4. Around-the-clock exposure
  5. Clear communication
  6. Quantifiable results
  7. Generous ad space
  8. Point of reference for visitors
  9. Presence in the local market

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Philosophy is a product of Canaglobe Advertising providing online coupons and promotions on products and services provided by local merchants, retailers, and businesses for their local consumers. Consumers can have access to their desired coupons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The philosophy behind is simplicity; this means that anyone who has access to the internet can print the required coupon within a few seconds with a few clicks of the mouse. Internet users are more likely to prefer less paper clutter; hence, there will be no need for safe-keeping of the flyers or coupons.

It's very user friendly. Consumers just click on the category of their choice, choosing specific products and/or services they are looking for, and will find local discount offers, specials and coupons when available. As soon as they are ready to shop smarter, is there to assist local residents, with just a few clicks of their fingertips.

By finding printable coupons from the businesses in your neighbourhood, consumers will save money on on gas, parking, and using coupons and discounts, they don't have to waste time. as well as their times. Additionally, local shoppers help retailers, small and family operated business owners to flourish.

A 'Green' initiative, it saves trees, reduces paper wastage, saves unnecessary driving, and supports local businesses and communities.


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(full-time & part-time)

Independent Distributors & Sales Representatives are needed
to contact local business owners and decision makers for online coupon advertising and traditional print services, across GTA.

This is a fully commissioned position.

Job Description:

  1. Prospecting, using canvassing, telemarketing, digital and social media methods.
  2. Helping retailers to decide on their coupons and offers.
  3. Processing and filling out clients' orders and credits.
  4. Providing professional service and taking care of customers.

Job Requirements:

  1. Available to work flexible hours and days.
  2. Able to deal with a variety of personalities.
  3. Proficient in common office programs such as Microsoft Office, CRM, etc.
  4. Previous experience in sales and marketing.
  5. Comfortable with merit based success system.

Next Steps:

Interested applicants may email their resume to
Selected candidates will be contacted and/or invited for interview.